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Steam Cleaning for Your Home Carpet

Of course, many people would have different ways and methods to clean their carpet at home as it is the most convenient and efficient for them to do the cleaning. One of the best ways to remove the visible dirt and dust that you have in your carpet is to do the steam cleaning in which it is very effective. In this way, it would remove and get rid the smaller dirt particles in your carpet even those things that you can’t see visibly by your eyes and can feel. It is easy to do the steam cleaning if you have the complete set of tools and things that you would be needing like the machine, soap, and the water.  

There are basic ways to use and make the steaming process easier for those people who are eager to use and remove the dirt in their carpet and search carpet cleaners battle creek mi. 

You have to clean the room first in order to prepare the area where you are going to do the process of cleaning the carpet and setting up the machine. You need to move away all the furniture or appliances that is on the carpet so that it would not be blocking the process of cleaning the carpet in there. At the same time, you have to make sure as well the you keep the floor from any items and things so that it would not be a mess later. If you are thinking that you don’t have another space or room to move all of your furniture then you can divide the area and make sure to separate them.  

After removing all the things there, then you could try to sweep the floor and the area to make sure that you are removing the bigger particles of the dirt. Then, you could do the vacuuming now so that you would be able to remove the smaller particles in the different areas and corner of the house or the room. Of course, you can customize the nozzle of the vacuum machine and this is use for the best way of cleaning the different kinds of things like the sofa set. You also need to remove the visible stain in order for you to treat them properly with the right chemicals or the natural way for you to remove the stain.  

For the steamer machine, you have to fill that one with some hot water inside so that you could have the chance to use them appropriately with the soap there. If you don’t want to use the soap then you could have the alternative one which is the vinegar as it would help as well to remove the unpleasant odor. You need to make sure that you would start in the very corner of the carpet or the room and try to walk in a straight line or direction there. Before putting the furniture back, you need to make sure that the area or the carpet is completely dry and ready to be used.  


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Difference Between Account Payee, Crossed And Bearer Cheques

Lastly, sign on the space provided above the Authorized Signatory text. Mention the amount of money in numbers and put ‘/- ‘ mark at the end. The main purpose of Cancelled Cheque is to give proof of holding an account with the bank. In this article, I have used many terms related to Cheque. So, it is necessary to understand the function of Cheque, we should discuss these terms.

ac payee meaning

Introduction Endorsement means signature of the holder made with object of transferring the document. The signature & message on the back of a cheque to either cash it, deposit it or to handover the rights of the cheque to someone else. Never sign the cheque before you fill in four vital details—the date, the payee’s name, the amount in figures as well as words. Ensure you affix your signature above your printed name and not below it.

Who is authorized to Cross a Cheque?

This signifies that the payee is not authorized to encash the cheque directly at the bank. However, the cheque can be used to credit the bank account directly. A cheque will be an account payee cheque when the word “A/c Payee is written between the two parallel lines drawn on the cheque.

To write an account payee cheque, you have to cross two lines on the left corner of the cheque and write “A/C payee only” between the two lines. Remember, if you simply cross the cheque and do not mention the words “account payee”, it will become a crossed cheque and not an account payee cheque. The bearer cheque does not contain the name of the payee and is payable to the person who presents it at the bank. A crossed cheque is a cheque drawn in favour of a specific person and the cheque contains two slanting parallel lines at the left upper corner of the cheque.

  • Furthermore, the payee cannot sign the cheque to anybody else, which adds to the security of such payments.
  • The payee would not be able to withdraw cash from the counter.
  • Khatabook Blogs are meant purely for educational discussion of financial products and services.
  • Remember, if you simply cross the cheque and do not mention the words “account payee”, it will become a crossed cheque and not an account payee cheque.

For this, firstly, you have to fill all details in the cheque deposit slip. Attach it with the cheque, then give it to the customer representative or drop in the cheque drop box. After a few days, you will receive the amount of cheque directly in your account. The person whose name is mentioned over the cheque means the recipient can only deposit that cheque into his account by filling a deposit slip. A/c Payee cheque should provide because it instructs the bank to pay only in the a/c of the named person and this is safe for you.

b) Payee

Except if the phrase bearer is cross or there is any other kind of mark, each cheque is just a bearer’s cheque. The individual holding the cheque can redeem it across the countertop. Furthermore, there is no requirement of endorsing these cheques, and they may be quickly given to a 3rd party. A drawer is an individual who writes and does the signature on the cheque. Typically they are the individual from whose account the receiver withdraws the funds, which shows the authorised sign for that account.

ac payee meaning

Let me know if you have any tips on writing cheque in correct manner or any real life experience on this issue. Care and Attention- A banker must not pay a cheque by ignoring the crossing since it is not legally justified to pay the payee in cash over the counter. For Special Crossing- A cheque crossed in particular should only be paid to the banker to whom it is crossed or who is a collection agent. Although the words ‘ account payee’ is not mentioned in the Negotiable Instrument Act, they are still considered to be part of the law because of their widespread practice and use.

Crossing Cheque under Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881

The paying bank makes sure that amount is being credited to the account of the payee only. There is no requirement of endorsement of a Bearer cheque. So, it is highly unsecured because any person can encash it through the counter, who holds it.

By making an endorsement the endorser promises that in case of dishonor, he / she provides a guarantee to compensate the holder. In case of a bearer cheque containing a withdrawal amount of above Rs 50,000, the bank must verify the identity and address of the individual before disbursing the cash. For this, he has to write the endorsement instructions on the back of the crossed cheque. A payee is that person who will get a certain amount from the Drawer of Cheque. Therefore, the person or institution whose name is written on ‘PAYEE’ field of the cheque and who will get the payment, is Payee. For the encashment of Bearer Cheque, you have to represent it before the Drawer’s Bank, not in yours.

The non CTS 2010 cheques cleared through the Clearing House. When the Payee’s bank sent the physical cheques to Clearing House and Clearing House forwarded it to the Drawer’s Bank. Although, we can issue a normal cheque for payment instruction.

For instance, a clean endorsement may make sense if you’re in a financial institution foyer or making a distant deposit at residence. Most checks have a 1.5-inch section for you to write in. Bearer cheque can be transferred by mere delivery; they do not require endorsing. In simple words a bearer cheque can be described as a cheque payable to any person, without assigning his/her name. These kinds of cheques are highly risky as they can be misused when lost.

Yes, the person whose name is mentioned over the cheque can deposit the cheque into his bank account. And this cheque can not be encashed or transferred to a third person. 3) Payee-He is a person to whom the payment will be made.

ac payee meaning

The only way to get the funds is by depositing the cheque with a cheque deposit slip. The paying banker is not authorized to send the proceeds of a crossed cheque to the payer or the cheque holder. This law prevents such a banker from debiting the check amount on his customer’s account, as such payment is considered to have been made to the wrong person. He can also add the words “non- negotiable” to crossed cheques in general and in particular. The special crossing cheque does not need the name of the banker. The effect of this kind of crossing is that the cheque needs to be funded only to the banker that it has been crossed.

Bearer Cheque

I dropped the cheque in dropbox and as per my expectation , cheque was lost by bank . Later on inquiry i was told that no such type of cheque was deposited and i m telling a lie……So what is the option for me when i have no proof…. One of the most common ways to pay money to someone is through cheque’s. Cheque’s give you the flexibility to make payments to someone at some later date by writing it now at this moment. Writing a cheque seems to be such a simple task, but do you know that there are many weak links in writing cheques which can create a big problem for you. For general Crossing- Sec. 126 of the Negotiable Instruments Act states that crossed cheques are usually only paid to a banker.

A cheque is an important negotiable instrument and payments made through cheque are safe and convenient. A cheque comes in the printed form and is issued by the bank, when an account is opened. It consists of various fields where the drawee enters the amount to be paid, name of the person in whose name the cheque is issued, date and signature. From above image, you notice how to change the normal cheque leaf into crossed cheque. Once you cross the cheque and mention the payee name then I can only encash this cheque by depositing to my Bank Account. However, do remember that in crossed cheque payee is free to make a further endorsement.

It is a reminder to all of the people that a special crossing would not be changed into a general crossing. This type of cheque crossing needs two parallel transverse lines. There is no restriction to putting these parallel lines on a particular area on the cheque, but they could be drawn anywhere. Usually – it is advisable to put it on the top left of the cheque.

He is directing banks to pay a certain amount of money to the certain person or to the bearer of the cheque. Therefore, in simple words, you may say that a person who holds the bank account and who sign on cheque is called the drawer. ac payee meaning Regarding the signature, an account payee cheque differs from a crossover cheque and the order cheque, but it is opposed to holder verification. A holder cheque is perhaps the most prone to fraud, but an APC is a very safe document.

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DIY Cleaning Carpets

You have all the time in the world and you have been cleaning the whole house because you wanted to see something new at your house. While cleaning everywhere pretty sure that dust and dirt fell to your carpets if you forgot to cover it or put it on the side. In this article, we want to share what will you do to make sure that you will be able to clean it without calling any service cleaner to do it for it. All we want is to help our readers and we are hopeful that we are able to help you in some ways in your daily living. 

Before going to the main topic, if you really can’t have the time and the courage to do it on your own because you don’t want to damage it. The Battle Creek carpet cleaners will be able to help you do the cleaning that you want in your carpets. They are expert in cleaning any kind of carpets and damaging it and they make sure that they will be able to satisfy their customer or clients. Continue reading for more information about what do on how to clean your carpets on your own without any help of any carpet cleaners service company. 


Separate all the different type of carpets from types of carpets and the color of your carpets, to avoid damage and for staining its color to other carpets. You have to make sure that you will not be going to damage it and you will be able to clean it properly, do the cleaning one by one if you have different carpets. It may be different from washing and cleaning your clothes to mix the bitcoin but the process of separating and its purpose are the same. Separating carpets will make sure that no staining of colors from the other carpets that you have. 


Yes, you needed to have the necessary equipment to make sure that you clean properly and to make sure that you will make the cleaning fast. It is not easy cleaning carpets on your own especially you don’t do things very often but it is good to experience how to do it. You can search what are the needed equipment for cleaning for you not able to ruin your carpet. If you don’t have these types of equipment and it is very needed, you can call and rent for that equipment to your near carpet cleaning shop. 


It is important to know what product you are using for you not to be able to damage your whole carpet. The product that you will be using is very vital because you will be using chemicals on your carpet. Make sure you will read the labels and know what is it for because there’s a lot of products that are needed to thoroughly clean your carpet. You can do research on what you are going to use and you will watch how they will use it will be a great help for you. 

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